What makes Label Lock™ so special?

Click on one of the products below to find out in more detail what special qualities they have.

Read more about the important new ISO17712:2013 accditation at Label Lock seals have here.

Label Lock™ Security Labels

IN-REGISTER tamper message. Can’t be copied using standard void materials, which have a ‘wallpaper’ pattern tamper message.

MATERIAL is specially selected – deforms easily if stretched or heated, but with good initial strength for packaging.

HI-TACK adhesive – labels will void on almost any surface; many more than standard ‘security’ materials.

HANDY dispenser boxes contain only 250 labels per roll – easy to issue and monitor.

SEMI-TRANSPARENT material – you can see through the label, so you can’t put a new label over the ‘opened’ message of an old one.

Please hover over each box for a visual example of Label Lock™’s special properties.

CLEAR BORDER containing text. This means Label Lock™ can’t be copied like standard void labels (such as ‘silver void’) which are made from easily obtainable imported ‘security’ materials cut to size and overprinted. In fact, it is easy to use a standard silver material and just cover the old residue of the previous label – not with Label Lock™!

SUB-SURFACE NUMBERING. Can’t be changed without voiding the label.

COUNTERPARTS or ‘receipt’ labels available in no-residue so an audit trail is easily created; no need to rely on hand-copied numbers

CODED numbering – Every number is recorded by us, so we know when it was made and who it was sent to.

Label Lock™ Security Tape

Unique numbers every 15cm (6in)

Perforated every 15cm (6in)

No backing liner (self wound tape)

Dual Layer in register tamper message

Use with or without a tape gun/dispenser

Coded numbering

What makes our Bags & Envelopes so special?

Below we demonstrate different types of attack and how they effect our bags. All of which are fully tamper proof and resist the following attacks.

Standard – before any attack.

Hand Peel attacks leave white spots all over the seal strip when tampered with.

Hot Air attacks turn the seal strip pink once tampered with.

Moisture attacks result in the seal turning green when tampered with.

Freeze attacks show the void message across the seal when tampered with.

Solvent attacks show pink across the seal when tampered with.

Label Lock Bolt Seal

All metal high-strength steel pin and bush for added security.

Special high impact ABS material is moulded onto the pin and bush. This is highly resilient so does not break easily.

Anti-spin locking mechanism prevents friction attack. Locks 1 way so difficult to spin.

Etched with Laser marking offering the highest level of security as it can not be removed or replaced.

Sequentially numbered on both parts providing extra security to prevent parts substitution or replacement.

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