LabelLock Distributor of the Year

LabelLock Award winner 2013

Congratulations to LabelLock distributor Kronsguard GmBH who have been awarded LabelLock Distributor of the Year for their sales in 2013.

The award is all the more distinctive as it was Kronsguard’s first year distributing LabelLock products, and much of their success has been based on security tape.

Hugo Gell, Sales Director, said “It has been a great pleasure working with Dennis Hector and Stefanie Sell over the past year. They have picked up the product very quickly, and found out how LabelLock’s versatility, customisation and fast turnaround can help their business grow by satisfying their customers.

“We are especially pleased that they have found the tape market so easily. As a security product, tape is highly versatile and we believe the LabelLock version, just like the labels, is the best the market has to offer. It has particular applications in distribution and logistics, and a great potential in air cargo and freight sealing.”

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