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The below Seal Selector table shows which products are suitable for each application. Please use this as a guide but if you have any specific queries you can contact us or call us today on +44 (0) 1543 431 099.

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Computers & Cabinets


Police & Military Search

Shipping Containers

Evidence Bags

Cash in Transit


Elections/ Ballet Boxes

Fire Extinguishers

Fisheries/ Wildlife

Law Enforcement

Weights/ Measures

Utility Meters
Low Residue
Dual Layer
Security Tape
Multi 203mm
Multi 305mm
Van Seal
Bag Seal
Strap Seal
Bolt Seal
Cable Seal 1.5mm
Cable Seal 3.5mm
Clear Envelopes
Opaque Envelopes
Clear Cash Bag
Specialist Bags & Envelopes
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