Tamper Evident Security Labels for Vans Carrying DfT SDoC “Known Cargo”

On 1st September 2009 the new Single Direction on Cargo (SDoC) rule came in to force from the Dept for Transport (DFT) that requires freight forwarding companies operating panel vans and transit vans to seal their vans between drops as well as physically locking them.

Using No-residue Label Lock™ security labels for panel vans, transit vans and vehicles moving “known cargo” in and around airports will give you peace of mind when conforming to the new Single Direction on Cargo (SDoC) rule between security checks, saving valuable time, money and your reputation for security standards.

Each innovative and cost-effective security label is uniquely numbered to prevent fraudulent replacement and allows each label to be logged. We also offer large No-residue Label Lock™ security labels with a counterpart; this is an optional extra in securing your peace of mind.

With no unsightly residue left behind on van doors, Label Lock™ van and “known cargo” security labels void effectively and leave no residue! Whilst Label Lock™ performs best on clean and dry surfaces, the special adhesive is designed to stick to the outside of vehicles which can be dirty from normal everyday use.

Designed for use in challenging environments, No-residue Label Lock™ security labels have been tested to withstand temperatures of -40C and are waterproof.

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